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The following articles have been written by German Pinscher Owners Around the World, to give some insight into various aspects of living with a German Pinscher.
[more questions and suggested answers will be added frequently]

"Boot Camp" or "The Boot"! -- GermanPinscher Maillist member Vee Ledson's story of Pippi
Do you know where your puppies are?
Hero's Waggin Train's Article
It's Later Than You Think -- Planning for your pets in case of your death
Kids And Dogs: Safety First
Kids and Dogs: A Common Sense Approach
No More Rude German Pinschers - by Michele Welton, author of "Your Purebred Puppy"
Rage Syndrome or Selective Breeding???
Selecting a German Pinscher
Training a German Pinscher
"WHO'S IN CHARGE HERE? - A lesson in becoming Alpha:"

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