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Rage Syndrome or Selective Breeding???

Subject: Rage syndrome or selective breeding???
Date: Mon, 04 Mar 2002 01:57:37 -0000
From: "cvadovsky1" cvadovsky1@yahoo.com
To: GermanPinschers@yahoogroups.com

This is a "What if," post.....
A few years back when Earl was being campaigned heavily, I came to know a gentleman, that I will refer to as "Mr. H."
Mr. H. had wanted Earl. He was very persistant in his quest to acquire Earl... we never were able to sell Earl, but in the process we came to know a very interesting man....
Mr.H. wanted "Earl", not only to compete on the international circuit, but he wanted to fulfill or "relive" you might say a part of his past through Earl....I will try to explain..

Mr.H. was a survivor of WW II...He was approximately 10 or 12 when the war started to escalate...
Up until this point in time, Mr.H. lived with his family and his grandfather who had a kennel of dogs, which turned out to
be "Pinschers"... Mr.H. as a child spent a lot of time with his grandfather, helping him with the kennel and the dog's...one of his and his grandfathers favorites was a dog like "Earl"...The "look", the size, the color, and his temperament and mannerism's were so similar, that Mr. H. was "obsessed" with owning Earl....
Like most of the people that were actually caught up in the war,,they lost everything....most of the family, all of their possesions, all of their dogs. But one thing that the survivors did hang on to was there experiences and their memories.

We spoke many times, Mr.H. and I....In spite of the fact that we would not "sell", Mr. H. became one of Earl's biggest fans and supporters....On many, many occasions Mr. H. would call and tell us of Earl's wins before we even had heard from Robin...Discussing how he had looked, how he had performed, who was there, etc....On one of these phone calls we even started to talk about the "old" pinschers that his grandfather had bred...We spoke about the careful selection's of his breeding program, and of the origins. (which Mr. H's grandfather felt was behind the temperament problem).

Mr.H, remembered his grandfather always talking about the "sporting dogs"... These were dog's or lines, that were used for "sporting events"...This being the poor mans sport, was where a Dog was thrown into a pit of rats, and the "audience", would bet on how many rats a dog could kill in a short period of time. Much money changed hands at these sporting events....There were many men who had kennels of dogs, that they selectively bred for this main purpose, and according to Mr. H's grandfather, many of these were Pinschers. They were the preferred breed or lines that were the fastest and most furious.....Mr.H. retold the story to me of when his grandfather brought him to one of these "sporting event's" so that he would understand why he was so diligent in his selections...Breedings were strictly controlled, as they were trying to exclude the "sporting" lines.. Mr. H. remembered that on that visit to the "sporting event", there was one "pinscher" who killed 45 rats within a 3 minute period, this record was only surpassed by the dog's sire, who had killed 50 rats in 3 minutes. Quite the accomplishment if you think about it...Pinschers were a very popular breed of dog in the late 1800's,and early 1900's.. A time when rats were well established and a dog like the pinscher was both appreciated and in heavy demand..............So, if Mr H. was correct,,,,then the temperament problems that we are seeing, are not really temperament problems at all, this being what many of the dog's were bred to do,, this behavior was selectively breeding for
their "sporting dog" and their "sporting bloodlines"................

Now generally speaking, If Mr.H's information is correct, and after seeing some of these dogs, in action, and hearing about the behavior of some others, I am seriously thinking that Mr. H. just might be adding a very important bit of information that we might not have found anywhere else !!! It definitely does make sense................Without any documentation, however, it is almost impossible to find out which lines contain more of the "sporting" behaviors,,,,,unless we continue our documentation on temperament problems and "incidents".......This is not a witch hunt!!! not on my part, and I am sure it is not , on Michele's part either.........

Not all German Pinschers lines carry the same genetic blueprinting...
As Mr. H. stated, his grandfather, and there were others also, tried to selectively stay away from the "sporting lines".
The only problem now is to determine what individuals are carrying the "sporting temperament", and what individuals are not!!!! Let's be realistic,,,,if it was bred in,,,it can be bred out again....!!!! but not without a lot of years of documentation and effort...........

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