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Do you know where your puppies are?

German Pinscher bone bar line

German Pinscher bone bar line

Attention Breeders -- Do you know where your puppies are?

I am the German Pinscher international internet rescue coordinator. I was going to write something about rescue -- quite "generic" and theoretical -- until two things happened in the last month that made me re-evaluate how I let my puppies go, and how I will "track" them to be sure they are as safe and as healthy and happy as I hoped they would be, the day I sold them to what I thought was the "right" home.

The first incident was brought to my attention by the secretary of one of the national breed clubs in America. The forwarded article was about an "Islip Woman Charged With Animal Abuse," By Victor Manuel Ramos, Staff Writer. In brief: A veterinary hospital worker whose neighbors and animal officials said had adopted several dogs and a cat out of compassion was charged Friday after police found neglected and dead pets in her Brentwood, New York home and backyard. Three dogs were found dead among four other starving dogs and one cat that were taken to the Town of Islip Animal Shelter, said police and officials from the Suffolk County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Two of the dead dogs were locked in cages with no food or water, and another had died recently and was wrapped in plastic, said Det. Gary Rogers of the SPCA.

"Homeowner Samantha McCarthy, 27, was charged with failure to provide sustenance, a violation of Agriculture and Market Law that carries penalties such as a fine, up to 1 year in jail and a temporary or permanent prohibition to have more animals. She was what they call a collector. They rescue dogs, because they don't believe they should go to animal shelters," Rogers said. ... One neighbor, John Pensante, said he could not believe what had happened. "I know she breeds dogs and takes dogs to shows, so it is very shocking to find out they had animals living in their feces and starving. She loves animals..."

The club secretary then sent us the very sad update from an eye-witness and co-owner of one of the German Pinschers, saying (names of breeders and dogs withheld) that the article only skimmed the tip of the ice berg. ... When they entered the house they all ran out, the smell was so bad. They entered to find a horrible sight. Wrapped in plastic on her kitchen table was E-Z, her B/T German Pinscher bitch. In a locked cage was a bitch co-owned by the eye-witness, dead and skin and bones in 5" of feces and locked in another cage was a blue male out of [famous show dog]. All were dead. She also had 2 other GPs found dead. Also, found dead inside the house were all her Min-Pins. There was a Min-pin wrapped in plastic outside. Found also outside were skeletons of other dogs mixed with the kids toys. This is no joke people. It happened."

German Pinscher bone bar line

The second incident is not so heartwrenching, but... a mutual friend informed me that my first bred-by German pinscher bitch and her daughter are no longer with the co-owner (a so-called friend of ten years). She has breached our contract and sold/given? them to "someone." I called her to confirm the rumor and was asked, "Why do you want to know?" when I tried to find out who had them (she said didn't know her name or phone numger, and said she would have to look it up and call me back--she has not). Most "reputable" breeders would WANT to know where their puppies are, for LIFE -- especially when ownership changes hands, and the placement does not work out -- for ANY reason.

Putting aside the fact that she never paid-in-full for the original bitch and kept the "pick" of the first litter that *I* paid the stud fee for and was supposed to get, and hasn't completed the second agreed-upon breeding that she was supposed to pay for the studfee or use my dog...
the AKC/FSS registration papers were investigated and determined by AKC handwriting analysis that my name was FORGED when she had my name removed from the co-ownership.

As I work with other national breed club rescue groups, I am finding that many dogs, which end up lost or in shelters and euthanized, cannot be traced back to their breeders who would probably RESCUE them if they only knew they needed help! We, as breeders, are the only chance that dog will ever have of finding a good home and this responsibility should not be taken lightly.

Don't assume, because a new owner was thrilled to get your puppy, that your now full-grown dog is safe. Do periodic follow-ups. Make sure everything is going well. Ask for X-mas and B-day pictures... I get one from the mother/grandmother of the two girls mentioned above... every year, with Santa Claus, her new mom, and a Miniature Pinscher and Doberman buddies. I get some from other owners, but it's been a long time since I've heard from many of them... Time for ME to check up on MY furbabies and see if they're as safe as I think they are. Have someone you trust check on their home environment and see if the dog is alive and healthy, especially if the owners don't stay in touch.

Have a waiting list before planning a breeding is another way to tell who really wants a pet for life and who is the impulse-buyer. Have a contract that spells out that you will take the dog back, if circumstances change and the new owner does not want the dog for life, for any reason. Be sure your contracts will hold up in a court of law, if breeched like mine was, and don't be afraid to push the case, regardless of the money value of the dog. Can a price-tag be put on an animal's life and safety, even if it isn't a money-making "breeder?" (most of us know that if it is done RIGHT, breeding dogs is NOT a money-making proposition)

If the person cannot pay for the dog, without money woes and time-payments, will they be able to give it proper medical care, much less afford to feed it? -- which was the excuse I got 4 months ago -- but as I made plans then to get my "girls," I was reassured that everything was "under control." I "trusted" my "friend." People desperate for money will do desperate things -- like sell a dog without doing home-checks, or even dump it at a shelter or in wilderness areas.

Support your national breed club rescue. Educate the public and advertise your breed, not only in your club's publications, but give your local shelter a description (with pictures) of what kind of rare breed dog you have and that you are a contact... whether the dog is YOUR breeding, or not.


The German Pinscher Rescue Maillist is trying to "network" and link to as many organizations as possible which will be able to contact us, should one of our breed be lost, or found in a shelter or by an individual. We are part of a Doberman Rescue Webring. We are looking for a Miniature Pinscher Rescue Webring. If you are willing to be a "contact" in your area, please notify me and we will add your name to our contact-webpage.

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Let's work *together* to save the dogs who are not to blame for having the WRONG owners.

Written by Joy LaCaille, German Pinscher international internet rescue coordinator
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