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Credits and Awards
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Special thanks and appreciation to Kate Long
for her special graphics and background of "Apollo" on:
Lakai German Pinschers, German Pinschers Around the World ,
and the
German Pinscher Photo Gallery.

Special thanks and appreciation to
Ann Stone
for her special *Banner* graphics on:
Lakai German Pinschers,German Pinschers Around the World,
German Pinscher Rescue, and theGerman Pinscher Photo Gallery.

I learned how to edit my own webpages with the guidance of the Petsburgh "Angel" program and
Susan Carter who loving donated her time to create the Lake Applet on our homepage of Hinnie & Athena, photographed by Alice Bixler who captured the "essence" of Hinnie & Athena (in the lake applet and in every banner) & Apollo (the background dog and also in every banner).

Bless ALL the "rescue Angels" who have joined the German Pinscher Rescue Maillists and given us support and guidance while we have had no approved national breed club rescue program here in America. Some do not own a German Pinscher and some had never heard of them, but they wanted to help us find direction in "networking" to save German Pinschers which are lost or unwanted.

A special thank-you to all the German Pinscher breeders and owners who have shared the written standards of the German Pinscher in their countries, given permission to use pictures of their dogs on the description and standards webpages and in the Photo Gallery, and linked back to our directory pages, so that GermanPinschers.com could become a truly INTERNATIONAL website of our special German Pinschers. Many of the owners and breeders also subscribe to the many German Pinscher
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BowWow Meeow! Award

'Good Dog' Site Award
01 Aug 2000
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Join NAIA's red and black ribbon campaign!
Paws Across The Sea
Supporting Responsible Dog Ownership
The National Animal Interest Alliance (NAIA)
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