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Ringside Conversation
with Richard Beauchamp, UKC/AKC judge
UKC Bloodlines, October 2000

The Lesser-Known Breeds.
I am always fascinated by the breeds we don't have the opportunity to see often: the American Bulldogs, the German Pinschers, Argentine dogos, Chinooks and Alaskan Klee Kai, to name just a few. Theirs is not an easy lot. Those who support these less often seen breeds must set type, educate and recruit interest all at the same time.

Recognition is important for these breeds but recognition of what is correct is of even greater value in the early years. The difficulty always remains in that standards of any breed are not always interpreted in exactly the same way and different styles - variations of the standard - result.

The average Judge, or for that matter average new breeder, without history and tradition to rely upon, will often gravitate toward the middle of the road or even toward what is familiar.

Let us take, for instance, the German Pinscher breed. This is a breed that resembles the Doberman Pinscher in a number of superficial ways. The German Pinscher, however, is not a Doberman in miniature at all. the inclination, because of the similarities, is to make it so. This is extremely unfortunate for the breed in that preserving the differences is what maintains the essence of the breed.
UKC Grand Champion
Danrhon's Royal Velvet
Winner UKC Top Ten German Pinscher 1999
UKC Grand Champion, BIS
Danrhon's Royal Velvet
This is why I was delighted to see the German Pinscher GR CH Danrhon's Royal Velvet's rise to the top of the Terriers Group in at least one of the weekend's shows. royal velvet, constructed in the proper make and shape, serves her breed well. Wins of this nature encourage those with correct dogs to persevere. Interestingly, only a few weeks later I judged German Pinschers at a show in Canada where the breed is also recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club. I made my selection for first on the basis of what I understand to be correct for the German Pinscher breed. The same people owned all the dogs that were entered but were particularly pleased that i had selected the dog I did.

"We are becoming so discouraged," they said. "Judges want htis breed to be a miniature version of the Doberman and we are practically to the point of giving up."
It's lack of knowledge, of course. That and lack of exposure to the breed that sends us off into the wrong direction. Something we must all be careful of. And as discouraging as it may be, those who do know what is correct must persevere or correct type will be lost in their breed forever."

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German Pinscher bone bar line

UKC Grand Champion
Danrhon's Royal Velvet
UKC Top Ten German Pinscher
Winner 1999 & 2000
UKC Grand Champion,
Danrhon's Royal Velvet
photo taken Kalamazoo, MI, 15 June, 2001

German Pinscher bone bar line

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