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CRUFTS 2000 - Great Britain

NEC Birmingham, England -- Thurs. 9 March - Sun. 12 March, 2000

over 21,000 top pedigree dogs competing to achieve title of "Best In Show"
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GERMAN PINSCHER Breed and Class Online Results:

Best of Breed -- SWANWITE RED ENSIGN [Dog]
Owner: Miss H I Legget

Crufts 2000 Best of Breed

Owner: Ms A Handley

Crufts 2000 Best Bitch

Reserve Best Dog -- SWANWITE RED FOX [Dog] Owner: Mr A J & Mrs L Fox

Reserve Best Bitch -- SWANWITE BLACK CARERRA [Bitch] Owner: Mr A Legget

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The following is Mrs Gloria Cuthbert's evaluation of the German Pinschers:

The excitement of Crufts 2000 is over and I am home again.
Our national dog paper asked me to write a critique on my judging experience and I thought a copy of this would give you all an idea of how the judging of GPs went.

It was a great honour for me, (MRS Cuthbert, even though the catalogue may have led you to believe I had undergone a sex change!) to judge German Pinschers at Crufts 2000. Thanks to my two stewards and to the exhibitors for bringing their dogs under me.

After such an excessively long wait before judging it was surprising that any of the dogs were still awake and active and the BOB was actually lucky to just make the group judging. Did the long tiring wait partly account for the overall poor movement? Fortunately, temperaments remained even. Size still varies too much, but it was a pleasure to see correct bites with very clean, white, strong teeth.

Special Junior dog - 0 entries

Post Graduate dog - 1 entry

Morrison & Ives`s Dorthonion Merimac at Lankirk (Imp). A nicely proportioned, well muscled dog. Coat in good condition and of a pleasant clear red colour. Strong white teeth, but unfortunately a level bite. (handled by D Smith)

Open dog - 5 entries

Fox`s Swanwite Red Fox. Moved reasonably well keeping correct topline on the move. A very neat cat foot and maintained an excellent ear carriage throughout. Reserve best dog.

Legget`s Swanwite Fireblade. Similar type to 1 and pushed him hard for first placing. Nicely short coupled body, but with a slightly splayed foot and a tendency to paddle in front movement. Attractive red coat colour.

Welsh`s General Imp. Dog of good size and build. Neat front and well shaped eye. Coat not so clear a red as I would have liked and general movement let him down.

Special Veteran dog - 1 entry

H. Legget`s Swanwite Red Ensign. A super dog of 8+ years and still looking in his prime. Good colour and general pigmentation. Moved with drive especially great rear rotary action. A very worthy best dog and BOB.

Special Junior bitch - 2 entries

Couldrey`s Pallahaxi Moonlighting. Nicely marked b/t in good general condition. A little skittish at first but finally settled and then moved well. Very feminine, pretty bitch who should do well in the future with more ring confidence.

Morrison`s Lankirk Nuance. Puppy of 10 months. Very well bodied and well angulated. Good dark eye and would have preferred a clearer red coat. Still has time to settle and do well in the future. Best puppy (handled by D Smith).

Post Graduate bitch - 2 entries

Pattison`s Chartis Magic Moments. A most feminine bitch. Attractive red colour with the desired dark pigmentation to eye, nose, nails etc. Very neat ear carriage. Movement could be better - a definite tendency to hackney.

Baker`s Lankirk Verbena at Tuckmill. Somewhat lighter red in colouration. Generally a neat little bitch with good tight feet. Unfortunately a little out at elbow and moved rather close behind.

Open bitch - 5 entries

The first three bitches were all very close making it difficult to choose between them.

Handley`s Swanwite Red Rosina at Nesspoint. A well made, short coupled bitch of correct size. Attractive red colouration. Good stretch of neck and neat feet. Finally moved well for me and with the necessary sparkle. Best bitch.

Legget`s Swanwite Black Carerra. Slightly larger b/t bitch but still acceptable within the standard. Movement reasonable but without the drive of 1 and did not hold her topline so well. Good tan markings throughout. In superb condition with a lovely gleaming coat. Reserve best bitch.

Nelson`s Davlynn Red Campion. Well made bitch of good red colour, although rather a light eye. Movement was reasonable, but feet could be tighter. Slightly longer cast but this is acceptable in a bitch.

Special Veteran bitch - 1 entry

Henderson`s Donheilen Dubh. Sweet little b/t bitch of 8 1/2 years. Well defined markings although a deeper tan could have been preferable. Very feminine and constantly alert.


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I was VERY impressed with the overall improvement of the GP, since my last visit, in January, 1992. The 8+yr-old BOB looked like a dog of 1/2 that age. I didn't realize he WAS that old, until I read the judge's critique, which was posted to the GermanPinschers Maillist, four days later.

Thank you, Frank and Gloria Cuthbert, for introducing me to the German Pinscher... for educating me about their history and temperament as well as structure, color, and movement... for entrusting me with one of your puppies and giving me the opportunity to start my own "line," with a quality bitch, WWKC CH Kinrha Hinnie Joy, C.G.C., that produced the 1994 GPCA National Specialty Puppy Sweepstakes winner: GPCA, WWKC, SKC INT'L CH LAKAI'S JOY TO THE WORLD, "Athena," and her brother GPCA CH Lakai Pride and Joy, "Apollo," who went winners dog for a 5-point major, repeated that afternoon at the SEGPC specialty. At his next 2 shows, he got one reserve to a 5-point major then finished in his fourth show, with his third 5-point major.

"Hinnie" is the bitch on the GermanPinschers.com homepage with the puppy in the lake applet with the rippling water. "Apollo," is the background dog for all the germanpinscher.com webpages. "Athena" has a new champion: 7-mo-old UKC - SKC Int'l - IABCA Int'l CH Lakai Grand Finale. I do not produce the most GPs or champions, but I am proud of the start that I got with Kinrha Pinschers. Congratulations, Frank & Gloria, on your newest Ch-Grandpuppy.

Joy LaCaille, webmaster & listowner of the GermanPinscher MailList
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