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Service and Therapy
Certification Program LINKS
There are many interesting Service and Therapy Certification Programs
that German Pinschers lovers can enter their dogs in.

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This page is under contstruction.

In Search and Rescue Dogs: Traning Methods, the ARDA teaches everyone what it takes to make a true canine hero. With emphasis on handler and unit training, the principles of obedience as well as handler readiness and equipment are explored. Of particular value is the detailed information on conditioning and first aid for search dogs. The chapters on organizing and carrying out a search will be of great interest to anyone who may wonder how a dog's mind works and to what extent it can be trained. Search and Rescue Dogs, in the authoritative voice of ARDA, explores the ultimate experience of the interdependence of Man and Dog.

Search&Rescue and Therapy events will be added soon. If you know of an upcoming Service and Therapy Programs, ANWHERE in the world, please contact the Webmaster

Outdated events may be listed, to give you the opportunity to reach
the *contact* person for future events.
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