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Hi everyone. My name is Athena.
That's me when I was a puppy, and my mom Hinnie, in the glass to the right.
My very first human mom and dad, Joy and George, are in the other glass on the left.

In my "prime"
as a showdog

I was Joy and George's very first homebred champion, whatever that means. I think it has something to do with when Joy would take me to those places where all the other dogs were - where we would run around the ring, then strike a pose while someone else walked up and down the row looking at us and touching us. Then they would give Joy a ribbon as we left the ring.

The human mom I have now, Anita, doesn't take me to those dog places like Joy did. It's OK though, she takes me other places with her. We run errands. I don't really know what "errands" is, but when we do it we go to lots of places before we go back home. Sometimes we go to the bank where the lady on the other side of the glass gives me a cookie, sometimes we run to the little corner store, or the post office. Sometimes we will go to this place where Anita talks into this thing sticking out of the ground that talks back to her, then she will drive around the corner and some lady hands her something to eat or drink - but she never gives me anything!

One of my favorite things to do is to run around the back yard (have to be careful not to fall in the pool - I HATE those things!) chasing squirrels, skinks, and barking at these things that look like rocks, but have a head and legs and a tail that disappear back into the rock when I bark at it. Sometimes mom has to take the rocks out of the pool. One day I ran after a skink and caught it. It got away though, even though I still had its tail in my mouth! Well I caught it again and was tossing it in the air when Anita saw what I was doing and made me spit it out and leave it alone.

My most favorite thing to do though is to lay about on the couch, which Anita lets me do all the time, except for when she wants to see me dance. Then she breaks out the cinnamon cookies - she knows I'll dance for one of those. She even took a picture of me for the entire world to see.

I heard that!

It's the sound of FOOD!

With OFA Excellent Hips,
I can stand here until you
GIVE me the cookies!

That was more work,
than it was worth.

You can see my proud Mommie, Hinnie, and my brothers and sister and neices and....
my *handsome* Multi-CH son, LAKAI GRAND FINALE, in my family ALBUM,
and he has his own webpage, at http://www.germanpinschers.com/lakai/nally.html
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