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Ceri's Story

This is the story of a an "owner-give-up," due to her health problems.
He was being "fostered" by Auli & Juhani Vitikainen, waiting to be delivered back to his breeder, Anja Nikkonen of Kerava, Finland, when I saw him. Let me backtrack.

I am the chairman of the German Pinscher Club of America's national breed club rescue committee. I was chatting to a breeder in Finland --I'm from Florida, USA-- about rescue practices in their country. They had 2 show dogs and a new red "rescue" male. During our e-mails, she talked me into attending the World Dog Show, in Helsinki, Finland, and swapping our champion males, for the sake of outcrossing our genepools. I took my dog & planned to bring theirs home.

When I got to their house, in the country, hours from Helsinki, there was her Ch red male, the "rescue" red male, and another black and tan-marked male who looked just like his famous Finnish Champion sire:

Ceriinan Tony

who was the first dog I saw on the internet, on the German Pinschers homepage: http://golim.tky.hut.fi/pinserit. What a surprise, and it was love at first sight.
After seeing Ceriinan Neville, aka "Ceri," gait/float across their yard one day,

Ceriinan Neville

I changed my mind, and decided I couldn't take their bed-companion away from them.
(turn down a 5X champion for a dog that had never been shown... maybe love IS blind!)
Before I returned home with Ceri, I found out his mother was their black & tan bitch,

FIN MVA, EST MVA, S MVA BODSG Ceriinan Indira.

They had only had "Ceri" one week before I got there. The previous owner had had trouble getting him to eat dog food, and didn't realize that he was a little thin. The folks I stayed with tried to feed him Pedigree dogfood, and he didn't eat it, while *I* was looking.

That wasn't going to be a problem -- grin! After years of researching what goes into most dog food, and seeing how the heating process destroys the enzymes and nutrition, I read Dr. Ian Billinghurst's book, "Give Your Dog a Bone," Dr. Pitcairn's "Natural Health for Dogs & Cats," Wendy Volhard's "The Holistic Guide for a Healthy Dog," Pat McKay's Reigning Cats & Dogs," and finally found Kymythy Schultze's "The Ultimate Diet, Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats." These books and many internet webpage links can be found on my webpage Health & Nutrition -- ALL my dogs are now eating raw, natural foods -- no dog food. But, I'm digressing.

When I got him home, from a flight from Finland, to NYC, to Orlando, Florida, USA, he got in the house [I couldn't find his leash] after just letting him out to pee and poo, and before I could catch him, he raised his leg on my sofa, to pee, then ran from me, as I grabbed his collar told him, "NO pee-pee in the house," put him outside where he raised his leg (intact males can always try one more drop), and he got "joyous" praises. He slept in a crate/doggie run, in the air-conditioned garage, with the other dogs (after pooping in his crate on the LONG ride in the plane, he didn't get to sleep in our bedroom).

The next day, he did his "business" out in the rock-yard (for that purpose) and THIS time I had the leash ready, and I began his training, in earnest, with frequent trips to the yard and more praise when he did his business. I tied him, to my waist -- also known as the "umbilical cord" -- and made him follow me everywhere. When *I* wanted to be away from HIM, he was put in a crate (while I tended to my other 5 dogs). He tolerated a bath.

He didn't want to come to me, to let me pat him, before I left Finland or at the airports or when I got him home. He didn't yank or pull away, just not interested. He'd start to come then try to veer away at the last moment. I began messaging his body, as he was tied to me, with the circular motions of the Tellington TTouch, which worked in less than 6 hours. He kept coming back for more!!! By noon, he came in and waited for me to shut door. No leash, no accidents, and devoted attention for the 2nd half of the FIRST day in my house. "Ceri" became GLUED to me like a shadow/velcro dog. I knew he had a good temperament, but I couldn't believe how FAST he changed.


He learned to sit, on command, after only a couple quickie sessions of click-training. Remember, this dog didn't understand English. He only *spoke/understood* Finnish. His incessant barking turned into an occasional whine. He was incredible!!! ...what a German Pinscher SHOULD be!!! All of this in 12 hours. Second day was better! He learned "down"! and the whining stopped. By the third day, he was standing like a veteran show-dog, poised and waiting for the release to get the "bait" -- dried apricots which I was eating; and he did his new routine of tricks--trying to get MY food! Looks like I found my *obedience* dog. Who says you can't teach an old dogs new tricks?


In fact, he was sitting by my computer chair the first month, watching me eat my apricots, and put one foot on my leg (no response from me) then both paws (still no response) then he let out a deep sigh and pressed his head down between his paws (still in sitting position).
I couldn't resist a "click-click" with my tongue and the pairing of the word "pray."
After about 1/2 dozen apricots, Ceri now "says his prayers" for a treat!


My other dogs were introduced to him, during the first day -- ONE dog/bitch at a time. After a quick sniff "hello" they were taken out again and another dog introduced. Having 3 intact bitches (no one in heat at the moment) and a neutered male puppy made the acceptance into their pack easier, than if I'd had another intact male, I'm sure. The play-time together was strickly supervised, and soon he was running with the 14-mo old puppy in their chain-link fenced yard, and the girls in theirs. After several days of not one squabble, I was able to let them all run together (still supervised).

Ceri soon had free run of the house when we're home and I can watch him, but he slept in a crate, next to my side of the bed at night. He loved Athena... kissed her and rubbed against her, and coaxed her to play (which she hadn't done, since her now 14 mo old pups were 4 mo old)... She sleeps IN the bed and soon, he was "safe" to sleep in his crate with the door open, or on another thick doggie-bed in the corner.

He gained weight quickly, until Athena came into "heat," early. RATS! I hadn't tested his eyes, or certified his hips, so I had to put up with his "singing" for several weeks and keep him separated from the girls. During that time, I worked on his training, and even showed him in conformation one weekend where he went Best of Breed, over a 3X champion. Was I ever proud of his behavior, and thrilled that the American judge looked beyond his natural/uncropped ears to judge the total dog. It is hard to compete with an uncropped dog, here in America, against a pinscher, be-it Doberman, Miniature, or German Pinscher, with that "cropped-look" and different "expression."

Ceriinan Neville was hip tested, and rated "Excellent" by the Orthopedic Foundation (OFA) for Animals. His eyes tested "Normal" and he is certified by CERF - Canine Eye Registration Foundation. AFTER being tested, he has now been bred, and the litter was whelped July 19, 1999.


Ceri was an intact male, with FCI registration papers, going back to his "responsible" breeder, Anja Nikkonen of Kerava, Finland. She evaluated him & ME before letting me take him to America to be shown & bred. He was wanted by his breeder, before she had a chance to evaluate him or take him back. I was fortunate to have her trust, to bring him home with me to America, where he has become an "ambassador" for his breed. (I've had a couple of friends try to talk me into keeping him at their houses, where I can show or breed him, if I want. NOT!!!)

Once a dog is accepted by most national breed clubs, here in America, true "rescues" are not candidates to be left "intact," but must be spayed or neutered. Ceri was NOT a "rescue," abandoned, abused or unloved, like most American rescues who are left at shelters or dumped to fend for themselves.

Whether Ceri will become a "show dog" and finish his championship is unknown. He has won Best of Breed a half-dozen times, and Group II placements. The fact is, I found a dog that was being "fostered," on his way to his breeder; and I took a gamble, based on his temperament, gait, and pedigree, to give him a home, hoping that he might become a worthy stud dog. If not, he's very happy in America, with his new family, just as our constant companion, and loyal friend.

Written by Joy LaCaille, national rescue chairman of the German Pinscher Club of America, and published in the October, 1998, issue of Rare Insight Magazine.

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CERIINAN NEVILLE completed the requirements for UKC Championship in Denton, TX, on April 15, 2000. His son, UKC GND CH Lakai Grand Finale, completed the requirements for his UKC Championship when he was only SEVEN MONTHS OLD. Both father and son competed for their Grand Champion title. There must be three or more GPs in competition for them to win one of the five times required for Grand CH.
Ceri completed the requirements for IABCA International CH at Purina Farms in Grey Summit, MO., on 24 June, 2000.

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Multi-CH Lakai's Joy to the World
16 July 1999 Lakai Litter Picture Pedigree sire/dam and litter

Canadian/American CH Kedwell's Nesca
LaborDay Litter, 04 September, 2000 ! Picture Pedigree sire/dam and litter

Spring Litter whelped 04 March, 2001 ! Picture Pedigree sire/dam and litter

Canadian/American CH Kedwell's Nesca
Fall Litter, 08 September, 2001 ! Picture Pedigree sire/dam and litter

Ceriinan Kennel - CERIINAN NEVILLE Pedigree

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