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Do you want to Adopt a German Pinscher?
This page is a questionaire for potential adoptors of a Lakai German Pinscher
Your information is being submitted to George and Joy LaCaille.

Please submit the following information ...

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Name, address, phone#, e-mail of someone who can vouch for you as a dog-owner.

Describe the German Pinscher you want to or Adopt (i.e.: age, sex, color)

The following are check-boxes. put an "X" by any that apply to you:
Own a German Pinschers
Own a Lakai German Pinschers
Bred one of my German Pinschers
Looking for "Pet-quality" companion
Looking for "Show-quality" to breed
Just looking for information about GPs
Interested in alternative medical care
Interested in BARF, raw-food diets for dogs
Foster a dog (until permanent home is found - may be for several months)
Help Maintain a Database of GP-owners
Help create or proofread webpages on German Pinschers websites.

Name, address, telephone number of your Local Animal Shelter:

Brief description of your background in dogs, German Pinschers, and rescue.
Why do you want a German Pinscher? (what attracted you to this breed?)
Why do you want to subscribe to the Lakai-GP maillist [if you don't have one of my dogs]
If you have one of my dogs, what is it's name, birthdate, sex, color?
and what would you like to see discussed on the Lakai-GP maillist? Stunning, fast, FREE! † † † †
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I have set up a PRIVATE/CLOSED MailList, exclusively for owners of my puppies/dogs,
so that I can keep in touch with all my furbabies and their owners.
Please subscribe to my new "Lakai German Pinschers" Maillist if you have adopted one of my dogs.
It is a discussion-list to help my new owners ask questions about health feeding,
immunizations vs innoculations, temperament and obedience training --
and share stories with other owners of Lakai German Pinschers.

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George and Joy LaCaille
telephone: (352) 365-9955
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