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Title: The German Pinscher
Author: Gloria Cuthbert
German Pinscher by Gloria Cuthbert
Publisher: Beech Publishing House - West Sussex England
Published: 1998

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MIDDLE Pinscher, Standard Pinscher,
Pinscher or German Pinscher
A book review by Walter Froyen of Norway

ĒThe German PinscherĒ by Gloria Cuthbert

A dear child has many names, and dear it is the Middle-pinscher. But I have been wondering for a long time why it doesnít have its original name "Pinscher." Yes, you may say, we have the Doberman as the great Pinscher and surely we have the Miniature Pinscher. In England, they tend to call it "The Pinscher." I very much like that, and maybe we should do the same here in Norway?

After obtaining my first Middle-pinscher about a year ago, I have learned to know this fabulous breed. We are training him as working dog, obedience and compete at exhibitions, and we love it all, dog and owner.

Then you reach a point where you want to know more about the breed you have. Read more about its background, its spreading, strengths and weaknesses, and other peopleís experiences. Of course, one reads the clubs-newsletter, talks to others with the same breed etc. But for me this was not enough. I wanted to know more, as much as possible about the Middle-pinscher.

I found out, very fast, that in bookstores and at the library it was useless. Well, the database at the bookstores and libraries I didnít reach very far. I tried to search with new words like "Pinscher." Yes, Doberman we already have read about, same with Miniature Pinschers.

Then it comes to Internet. See that, I found something when I used the search word "Mellanpinscher" and "German Pinscher." At Internet I got some good information, and got in contact with a lot of enthusiastic people. But did I find more to read? Not much. One day I thought that England should be a place with Middle-pinschers. Internet again, here I come. And that certain visit should prove itself to be very useful. I found a book about Middle-pinschers. It was only about Middle-pinschers. I got in contact with the author at once and shortly after I got my very own copy in my hands. Finally I thought a book about my dog. My expectations were high, very high. And I was not disappointed. I will therefor in the following, in a short review, give you my warmest recommendations of this book.


The book contains about 141 pages, included some illustrations and pictures, and gives you good information on about everything you need to know about your Middle-pinscher. The content reaches from a basic introduction to the origin of the breed, its history, to nearly extermination and to again being a breed people have discovered as interesting. Quite a bit of the book is concentrated about the temperament of the Middle-pinscher, and training with him. The Middle-pinscher is indeed an all-rounder. In addition it deals with topics as coat care and problems, illness, puppies and breeding. You will also find a chapter about the breeds spreading in USA, Europe and elsewhere in the world. An interesting survey is also presented, and is a foundation for much of the books scientific-based content.

This is a serious and exhaustive book, written by a person who has put an enormous effort into collecting information, studied and analysed this information and through this book mediated her knowledge about a rear breed. The book has a balanced as well as nuanced presentation of the Middle-pinscher. Itís advantages (and there are certainly most of them) and disadvantages is shown. The book reveals that the author has a great knowledge about this breed and she has done a remarkable job for the Middle-pinscher and for us Middle-pinscher owners. It is the first book ever, only about the Middle-pinscher. Not since Jung's book "Schnauzer und Pinscher" in 1870 has someone written a book of this importance for the Middle-pinscher.

The author of the book was one of the founders of the *Pinscher club* in England. She is the editor of the club's newsletter and has for several years written the Pinscher column in "Dog World Newspaper." The author has long experience with breeding, showing and as well a judge. She will judge the Middle-Pinscher at the Crufts (yes, the big one) in England in 2000. The language in the book is English. But do not fear, the author writes a clear and easily intelligible language that should be readable for most Norwegians. Have a dictionary at hand and you will have a "profitable" reading.

If I should shed light on some especial good qualities in this book, it has to be the chapter about origins of the breed, the chapter about temperament and the things that are written about care. If I should put some objections to the book, it would be at technical things as picture quality and the quality of the binding of the book. My book is a bit shabby after four times through reading.

But, this book is a must for us Middle-pinscher owners. Buy it, and enjoy your reading. It is worth every Krone / Pound. And it is not very expensive, £ 13 (plus packing and postage). And the easiest way of obtaining the book is to get in contact with the author directly. This is the address, phone number and Internet addresses:

Gloria Cuthbert
Hog's Back
Nr Farnham
Surrey GU10 1HQ
U.K. Tel Number + 44 (0)1483 810700
Internet: Homepage http://www.geocities.com/heartland/lane/9675
E-mail address: frank-cuthbert@lineone.net
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"The German Pinscher"-- The first complete book written in English by Gloria Cuthbert

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